Moods of a Lake

Moods of a Lake and Selected Poems, is a collection of 45 poems that covers more than half a century of poet Neil M. Noble’s thoughts, observations, feelings and emotions about the world. An addition to his book is a series of visual art images designed specifically for each poem that brings a wonderful synergy of poetry and art that create a rich and powerful impact.

Overview & Preview

110 pages

Noble shares that many of his poems were also inspired by specific incidents, including the first poem in his book “A Better Man” which he wrote after being present at Martin Luther King’s, “I Have A Dream” speech at Lincoln Memorial in 1963 Washington, D. C. This poem shares how looking at a person should not lead to assumptions about their qualities or their measure as a person.

Neil M. Noble’s, Moods of a Lake, not only showcases his skillful talents as a poet, but also his artistic sensibilities in directing an artist, Ms. Jingfang Wang, to produce a series of images that he integrated with his poems.

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