Neil M. Noble

I hope my poems will make you think about your own experiences. I want you to consider the ramifications of the decisions made by your younger self. I believe who you are, is far more important than who you were.

About The Book

One thing I learned about my life is the simple fact that I have not led my life but rather have been led by it. I am that proverbial leaf in the wind. I go wherever my fate takes me. I write about what I see and feel. Living this way has created many demons for me and I battle with them daily. All of us, at times, have problems with insecurity, relationships, navigating obstacles and paralysis by analysis.

My demons penetrate my consciousness uninvited. My relief valve has been my writing. I win a battle when I can imprison them, in black and white, on paper.

My poetry and music gives me a focal point upon which to build that prison. Without it, they would simply run loose, in shades of gray, amidst the debris in my mind. I want my perspective to make you, the reader, think, and maybe come up with answers to questions you have not thought of yet.

About the author.

Neil M. Noble is a Washington, D. C. native who now lives in the Baltimore area. He is also an adjunct professor who teaches construction related courses in the Baltimore area.  He and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time with family, friends and their dog.  

In addition, Neil is an artist in other areas, including composing music, designing jewelry, sculpting wood, and playing guitar. He has also created and designed a step-by-step instructional website on deck building. Furthermore, he is an entertaining, articulate, dynamic speaker – in which his incisive, outspoken, critically analytical intellect, and sense of humor are evident. Moods of a Lake and other Selected Poems is his first book

Neil Noble

Best Seller

Moods of a lake

Moods of a Lake and Selected Poems, is a collection of 45 poems that covers more than half a century of poet Neil M. Noble’s thoughts, observations, feelings and emotions about the world.